Lori Walker's family endured because of COURAGE and KINDNESS

what happened 2-15-19?

The Accident


Lori, her children, and a fistful of their friends had packed in to a minivan to enjoy a weekend of ice-fishing and fun.  Upon arrival, Lori smelled gas around the home.  She instructed the children to stay in the car while she stepped in to the cabin to investigate.  Within seconds the entire home exploded and was engulfed in flames, leaving Lori trapped under a heavy pile of debri.   Had it not been for three courageous men, that would have been the end.  But with their strength and determination, and the undeniable presence of divine intervention, Lori was rescued and everyone made it out of the home safely.  The road to recovery is long, but is made easier with the collective faith, hope, and love of our family and wonderful friends.

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News Coverage of the Home Explosion

The Recovery


Kelly and Lori were told to expect to be in the hospital for months, but her progress was astounding.  She was in the burn unit for DAYS (not weeks) and at the rehabilitation center for WEEKS (not months).  Doctors call her a "super-healer."  The Walker family well knows that her progress was not just physical, but spiritual as well.

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We survived this experience in hope & happiness

"I Feel God's Light Shining in Me"


This experience has easily been the most spiritual one of our lives.  From the moment Lori first gained consciousness, she could feel the reassuring presence of the Holy Ghost telling her that everything was going to be fine, and that she didn't need to be afraid.  Knowing this gave her the confidence and the happiness to go through each day with a smile - why bother acting upset for a day when you've been assured everything is going to be okay in the end?  How could she dare feel anxious when the Lord so clearly told her she didn't need to be afraid?  To feel anything but gratitude felt like a dismissal of God's light shining down on us.  As she reflected on the miracle of this gift - access to the Lord's love through the Holy Ghost -she decided to put her testimony into words. Inspired by the many ways she felt the Holy Ghost help her, lyrics were born.  And when our friend, Blake Gillette got involved, he turned words into beautiful music.  

We hope you will enjoy "I Feel God's Light Shining in Me," by Lori Walker and Blake Gillette.


I feel God’s light shining in me

I feel His love so strong

I want to share with those around me

His light will change the world

Joy, peace, sunshine, love

These are the things the Holy Ghost brings

And that’s how God speaks to me

I feel God’s light shining in me

A rushing of trust and truth

Holding a new understanding

Inspiration comes in view

Faith, hope, knowledge, pow’r

These are the things the Holy Ghost brings

And that’s how God speaks to me

I feel God’s light shining in me

With courage to face my fears

My thankful heart overwhelms me

My eyes are filled with tears

Still, sure, quiet grace

These are the things the Holy Ghost brings

And that’s how God speaks to me

Pure love, perfect peace

These are the things that JESUS CHRIST brings

To those who seek patiently

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Courage and Kindness